måndag 8 augusti 2011

Anställ inte de kringresande byggjobbarna

Kringresande irländare ockuperat mark på flera platser i Sollentuna, Edsberg, Norrviken och Rotebro. Kommunen arbetar tillsammans med Kronofogden och Polisen med att avhysa dessa personer. Det är ett tidskrävande och kostsamt arbete. Dessvärre är lagstiftningen omständlig och svag vilket försvårar arbetet.

Anledningen till att dessa personer eftersträvar att bo i Sollentuna är att Sollentunabor anlitar dem för att utföra byggarbeten. På så sätt förstör ett fåtal Sollentunabor för andra då tillgången till parkeringar och grönområden minskar samt platsen kring de ockuperade områdena blir otrygg. De icke tillåtna campingplatserna är även en sanitär olägenhet.

Jag vill uppmana Sollentunabor att inte anlita dessa byggjobbare.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Have you ever met an Irish person? Then you would not call a traveller an Irish!!!!!
    They are called travellers (zigenare på ren svenska!!!) and they come in english or irish speaking form but they call them self travellers and not Irish.
    The tracvellers does have rights and narrow minded people (like myself) don't want them on our doorsteps, but then were can they go?

    i'm pretty sure that any "real" irish person would be VERY upset and angried by your ignorance and call them irish. "Real" irish people detest these travellers as much as you and other members of Sollentuna does and so does a lot of the people in the uk.

    I would strongly suggest that you change the title not to make yourself an enemy with the Real irish people!! And read up on the travellers..... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_Traveller

  2. Dear Mr Gabrielsson I do hope that your party is not aligning itself with the Swedish Democrats regarding racial sterotyping. As an Irish professional living and working in Sweden, I trust that you are aware of the contribution that the Irish Swedish community makes in enhancing the pluralistic values that the Alliance stands for. Your subject header is inappropriate and could lead to forms of discrimination of which you, in instigating the issue would be responsible. I do hope that you are not Anti Irish but have in this instance put finger to keyboard without accessing the consequences this article would have on your party and constituents.

  3. I have nothing bad to say about the Irish people or any other nationality and I apologize if anyone feels offended. The people that have occupied parts of Sollentuna have cars etc that are registered in Ireland. They are there for referred to as Irish. I believe that these people behave in a way that in unacceptable. They as well as anyone else is more then welcome to come to Sweden, to live or work, as long as they fallow the laws.